Biden's At It Again

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    That's so nice of you guys. Guess the powers to be didn't take into account the crash that is happening in the stock and world markets. You cannot continue to pour money down rabbit holes and expect prosperity to continue. The country is now in a period of stagflation, this is where interest rates keep rising and wages cannot keep up. Almost every asset one owns starts losing value. Home prices rise but no one can afford to buy them. Rents start to skyrocket which means less and less people can afford to rent. This leads to families living together or living on the street. Food prices keep rising which leads too people eating less or eating in a more unhealthy manner. Hunger becomes a really big issue. More and more companies start downsizing and laying off workers if they can even survive. The bond market starts to crack as people become worried about higher rates as existing bonds keep losing value. If conditions last long enough a recession is imminent. You cannot run massive debt year after year and keep printing useless paper money and pretend everything is alright. There is no more room for more social giveaways no matter how bad things get.

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