How can imparting spiritual knowledge to society from childhood control sin in societ

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    How can imparting spiritual knowledge to society from childhood control sin in society?

    [The Kauravas and a number of Asuras were taught both spiritual and worldly knowledge by very capable teachers in the traditional Gurukula system. Yet, they became enemies of society. It is possible that their Gurus did not give them the most accurate spiritual knowledge since only God knows the highest spiritual knowledge. If a Human Incarnation of God had taught them, they would perhaps not have become sinners. But practically, God does not take millions of incarnations to teach the masses. The masses are always taught by qualified human teachers. So, spiritual knowledge, taught by human teachers cannot lead to control of sin.]
    Answer to the above question:

    Swami Replied: The possibility of grasping the spiritual knowledge exists in certain souls only based on the intensities of the qualities developed during millions of births.

    Certain souls become completely adamant without any possibility of the entry of the spiritual knowledge. You can sow the seed in soil but not in a rock. Such condemned souls are called as demons. Kauravas are such demons. It does not matter whether a spiritual preacher or human incarnation preaches the spiritual knowledge. In fact, Lord Krishna tried His level best to preach Kauravas and several sages also tried. All failed in the case of demons. The difference between a preacher and a human incarnation is immaterial as far as the demons are concerned. The hybrid seeds grow faster than the normal seeds in the soil. But, both types of the seeds cannot grow at all in the rock. The difference between the hybrid and normal seeds in the rate of growth is immaterial as far as the rock is concerned.

    You can appreciate this difference between the seeds only in the soil. Similarly, you can appreciate the difference between human incarnation and normal preacher in the case of the receiving human beings, who are other than demons. Certainly, human incarnation of God will teach in a better way than the human scholars. But, this difference is meaningful in the case of good receivers. Even Hanuman tried His level best to preach Ravana. But, there was no use. Lord Krishna showed even the cosmic vision to Kauravas. Similarly, Hanuman showed His divine power in killing the demons and burning the entire Lanka city. This means the rigid mind of demon will not change by any amount of spiritual knowledge and by any powerful miracle.
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    It can't.

    What 'controls sin' is being brought up by decent parents - parents of ANY stripe or persuasion.

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