"Putin is clearly in Xi's pocket", says US ambassador to Japan

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    1. The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin for alleged war crimes involving accusations that Russia has forcibly taken Ukrainian children....

    The move by The Hague criminal court marked a significant step, requesting the arrest of a sitting world leader, while multiple war crime allegations mount against Russia as its war in Ukraine grinds into its second year. Yet analysts acknowledged the chances of arresting President Putin are slim....

    Source Link: https://www.npr.org/2023/03/17/1164...rest-warrant-putin-ukraine-alleged-war-crimes

    2. Combing the Internet, I found the following hilarious interview with a fella who spoke like a clown or a drunken man.

    Source Link:

    Speaking to CNA’s Asia First on Thursday (Mar 23) on the sidelines of the Milken Institute’s Japan Symposium, US ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel spewed a load of anti-China rubbish. For instance, without rhyme or reason, he claimed that "Putin is clearly in Xi’s pocket". The joker did not explain why and how Putin could get into Xi's pocket. Neither did he explain how Xi got his magic pocket. Most probably, during his trip to Saudi Arabia in December last year, Xi failed to find a flying carpet or a genie bottle in Ali Baba's cave but found a shirt with a magic pocket instead.

    By making such a ridiculous claim that borders on the Tales of the Arabian Nights, joker Rahm Emanuel seemed to be making a desperate attempt to link China to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. In the process, he likened the Chinese leader to a wicked sorcerer who keeps an evil genie in a magic bottle and lets it out as and when he needs it to wreak havoc in the world.

    In fact, China is a victim of Russia's military misadventure because Ukraine is an important economic hub in the Road and Belt Initiative. Thus Russia's invasion has inflicted tremendous economic losses on China. Joker Rahm Emanuel should thank Putin for his military misadventure and encourage him to keep on fighting because the longer the war, the more will be China's economic losses.

    If the Chinese leader refuses to release his Russian counterpart from his magic pocket for trial in the Hague criminal court, the ICC will have no choice but arrest Xi too. The ICC will have to ensure that Xi is not half-naked at the time of the arrest, but is wearing the shirt that has the magic pocket (with Putin inside, of course). The ICC, however, may find more than it bargains for in Xi's magic pocket. :-o

    3. Amid impeachment inquiry in 2019, Trump publicly urged the Chinese government to investigate Hunter Biden’s business ties to China. At that time, China still hoped that Sino-US relations would turn around for the better if Biden won the election. If the self-declared "Messiah" ex-president makes the same request in 2024, I don't think China will harbour any more false hope on Biden. In retaliation, the "potato chip" gas-emitting White House incumbent or somebody from his party may ask the Chinese government to investigate Trump's years of extensive commercial interests in China. If Xi really has the (magic) pocket to keep Putin, as claimed by joker Rahm Emanuel, I don't think the Chinese leader will hesitate to use it for keeping two more rogue politicians. :smile:

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    Neither Russian or China have many friends. So I guess they have found each other.

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