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    1. clarisse150
      I'm personaly for the right! This is the less bad party, even if there's no one party who is really well... After, the left aren't similar in all the country, I don't know how is the left here, in Turkey. The thing who I hate the most in the left in France is that they aren't patriot, they don't pay attention to the culture, the history of the country... Yes, you're right, that's always like that! That's why I doesn't believe in Hollande's programme; he said what he want to do, but he don't say how he want do that!... Sarkozy said, so, it was more easy and realist to believe in his programme... Of course, because that he doesn't lie, his programme look less well than Hollande... Yes, 7%, they have make survey, and, survey are very handbook; we can be sure that he is less and less loved by the people.
    2. clarisse150
      You understand well why I hate Hollande? I've got really a lot of reasons ;)! Yes, you're right, that's always enriching to speak with some people who come from foreing countries; I'm happy to to speak with you who are a Turk people! Socialist have win the "cantonales", that's sad, but now, we can be sure that the socialist will loose after 5 years: they are less and less popular... Hollande have been elected since a few month and he have loose 7% of popularity... Sad to see that people wake up them after the elections... Don't wory for that; I'm always happy to see your answer, even if she's a little late!
    3. clarisse150
      Yes, in all the countries! I think that a lot of countries in Europe miss it!... In France, people aren't a lot patriot for the big majority, that annoy me! Racist person are stupid... We must juge the people as people, and don't make stupid category for say that all the people of one country are similar...! That's similar for France; I don't think we can erase the past, people will always remember the bad memories with other countries...
      I was a little pessimist for UMP first, but now, it look more well for this party. Socialist don't look really together; for exemple, Hollande's wife have make an encouragement word for a candidate of UMP who was against a member of PS (Hollande's party), Ségolène Royal, who is the former wife of Hollande, so she hate her X) That's funy because Hollande say that if he was president, he will not to mix his private life an his polics life... Poor Hollande!! To, in my region, UMP will win, I think. For the other, it depends...!
    4. clarisse150
      Yes, I think patriotism is a "defensive nationalism" to; and that's good for a country to have patriot inhabitants I think, because if the inhabitants don't defend their country nobody will do it for them. I think to that's very important to have well relations with the neighbourg countries; I don't know extremely well the relation between Armenia and Turkey, but they really look very tense... To, they will not to be settle soon, I think, because this too countries don't speak about this problem... Yes, Hollande is definitely president, now. In fact, now, it's the "cantonales", some tiny election where the candidate can govern a little part of the country if he win. Hollande will govern with the winner of the cantonales so, and, if there isn't a lot of socialist who win, it can be a problem for him, he will have less power. But, now, I don't think that the UMP (Sarkozy's party) will be winner of this elections, unfortunately.
    5. clarisse150
      Your welcome; thanks to you to! Yes, I don't like the extremist patriot to... A lot are racist, and, I don't like that! I think that patriot person must stay moderate, juste love his country, and don't get to hate the other countries. I'm happy to know that France and Turkey have some point in common! Yes, right, that's a french word for securalism; I think that's good to see that a lot of countries get more like that, it's make the people more free! I hope, and I think, the problems enter France and Turkey are finish. The French elections are finish, the new government isn't interested by that, I think, so they will not to speak about that back!
    6. clarisse150
      You're very nice to send me this message! No, I'm really not bothered, we have speak respecfully, I think; and, even if I love my country very much I have no problem with the other country; to, for the Turkey, one of my best friend was Turikish of origins when I was little, so, I love that country! All the Turkish or French with Turkish origins who I have meet were nice, I have a good opinion of the Turkey. I think be patriot is a well thing, that's a quality to love the country where you are born! Thanks you very much for your welcome! I hope that I will meet a lot of other people as you in this forum!
    7. LenaSrb
      Thank You, Breath :sun:
    8. LenaSrb
      Happy New Year, Breath

    9. frozy
      you're welcome ;)
    10. janpor
      Breath,... were are you?

      Turkey's running crazy! Freezing ties with EU over Cyprus?
    11. Turkic Brat
      Turkic Brat
      canım girmek istemiyordu
    12. janpor
      Hey Breath, are all the Turks on holiday or something? Where have all of you went to?
    13. janpor
      Hello there! Elections on sunday? There was a reportage on Turkey/Istabul yesterday.
    14. HT!
      I have been to every corner of Turkiye except Izmir. I really loved Sinop and Erzurum. Eskişehir was also very interesting, and I bought way too much meerschaum! LOL!

      Yes - I am an American. I visited in the early 1990s, when Tanser Ciller was PM, I believe. It's nice of you to contact me - teşekkür ederim!
    15. HT!
      No Breath, I'm not a Turk, but I have spent a bit of time there, became fascinated by it, and began studying the country, their history, and Ataturk. There is a lot about Turkiye that I really love.

      But when I'm on political message boards, I find it disturbing that I am more well-informed about Turkiye than some Turks! Scary!
    16. Ezra
      Oy, good luck there brother
    17. Ezra
      I am good man, thanks.

      May I ask, what is cram school?
    18. Ezra
      Hello Breath. How are you doing this day over in your part of the world?
    19. janpor
      Hey Breath!

      Doğum günün kutlu olsun!

      Happy Birthday to you!

    20. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Thank you for the friend request. I am honored!
    21. Jiyuu-Freedom
      We can't police all the threads, unfortunately. We are mostly part time volunteers and mostly depend on reported posts!
    22. Jiyuu-Freedom
      I assure you, if an insult is caught, it will be dealth with.
      Have a good one:)

    23. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Breath, please report what you wrote to me if it happens again, okay:)
    24. Ezra
      Yes. Stupidity knows no bounds
    25. Ezra
      This website is still pretty cool.

      The amount of antisemitic posters is not more then any website like myspace.
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