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In Memoriam, from Long Island N Y

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Jan 3, 2015
    1. catalinacat
      hey you - how's it going?
    2. Whale
      You wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, I told you ythat there is no intelliegent conversation with him.
      He is the racist.

      The way he approached a conversation is this....he's right...you can only be right if you produce a study, even on a topic where no one in their right mind is doing a study.
      If it is a topic where studies have been done and they back your view then the study is not to his liking and it's flawed.
    3. Smartmouthwoman
    4. mikezila
      the trailer was mine...that's the embarrassing part. :blushes:

      but, yeah...i'll have a limp until there's some major advancement in nerve regeneration. i can live with it. i've learned to cope.
    5. mikezila
      sort of...my liftgate fell on me. :(

    6. mikezila
      i quit 5 years ago...morphine helped. having a crushed leg helped more.
    7. Eighty Deuce
      Eighty Deuce
      I guess Sweden can count its blessings that the casualty numbers were so low. Inept terrorists again, it would seem. What is disappointing here is the usual cast of miscreants trying in earnest to mitigate the Muslim culpability and threat. Makes me sick.

      Its a reality slam over there. Don't know if they will get tougher, or roll over. Take care. 82
    8. Rapunzel
      Yeah, I saw that yesterday...was going to rep him and found no rep button on his post...crap!!!!
    9. changed
      OK, I am to go to bed!!! I have had it. These errors are killing me!
    10. changed
    11. Indymom
      What's the plan if this website implodes? Any alternate websites you see familiar "faces" at?
    12. Indymom
      Okay, so its not just me. Every other time I click on something, I get a db error. I am starting to copy my posts before I hit save so I don't lose any of my brilliant rants. :) LOL!!
    13. Indymom
      I wanted to rep you on the gloating post. Well said! - Indymom
    14. TheGreatSatan
    15. changed
      DAMM....Beautiful car!!!
    16. Eighty Deuce
      Eighty Deuce
      (*)(*)(*)(*) ! Nice car !

      Yeah, the "smart" ones have taken a hiatus. As for those that have stayed, as we can see, it sucks to be them !

      I am truly hoping for, and half expecting, a good market response, and a renewed belief in all but the uber-libs that we are nudging back to the middle, and the proper foundation to begin to fix things. Is all because we kicked ass on Nov 2nd. Feels good down deep that we all had it in us to grab a'hold again. Is this amazing or what too ? Still a minority in the Senate, and our House majority is not sworn in yet. And the lefty is still in the WH. But we are calling the shots. A small spell of political brilliance by the Conservatives. Glad we were here to be a part of it.

    17. Eighty Deuce
      Eighty Deuce
      Yes, it seems high when compared to past Republicans. I also think it is bogus. No President with mid 40's approval loses his shirt and his ass like Obama did in the mid-terms. It is a mathematical impossibility.

      Nov 2nd knocked our ******* friends in their asses. Now they just got kicked in the teeth .. and all we did is munch popcorn and nudge each other .. "Hey did you see that" ! ..... pretty cool to watch the continuing implosion .... :)
    18. Eighty Deuce
      Eighty Deuce
      Like a cheap umbrella !! I do like this deal. Its like Bush Sr too. Obama just kicked his left in the balls. Meanwhile, the middle and right will approve somewhat .. but not vote for him or his minions in two years ! Meanwhile, his base is losing faith and interest. If the tax cuts work, its a win for Conservatism. If they don't, its the economy and is still Obama's fault come 2012. I think the market will rock, and my 401K is still down from two years ago. And the leftwads are twisting like run-over snakes ... LOL ... Jim
    19. wopper stopper
      wopper stopper

      where I live in WV it's on the border with N. Virginia.

      We live in a "bedroom" community. There are two types of people.

      1. those that work long hours and commute to DC or the DC suburbs who normally move in from another area.
      2. the local yocals that have lived here all their lives and will likely die here too.

      Many of the locals are dead beats. If anyone in the family works it's usually the wife. The men work seasonally, if at all, and are content to make enough money to buy booze, weed and cigs. Many are on public assistance and it chaps my ass that we have to bust our tails to support these type of dead beats.

      I teach in a very wealthy neighborhood in No. Virginia. The average family income is well over the 6 figure mark. We make way less than that of course. The parents treat us like (*)(*)(*)(*) b/c they make more money than us.

      It's no fun getting up every morning for work getting the business at both ends :)

    20. Eighty Deuce
      Eighty Deuce
      Unfortunately, I think you are right about some of the disgust. My own personal gripe are the threads that are flame-bait from the get-go. But at the same time, being a mod is a pain in the arse. I participated in another forum when this one was down, and again when banned. If someone gets carried away, they can ban them just from that thread, which is actually neat. There are no graduated punishments here short of the 3 day ban to my knowledge. I have also recommended in the past, if possible, that they cap folks at such as 30 posts per day. Would stop some of the stupid trolling. Too many ignoramusses posting willy-nilly BS.

      Well, with OB, it would take a vote to ban him further than 3 days. Hopefully that has not happened.

    21. Eighty Deuce
      Eighty Deuce
      Hopefully its just a three day thing for him too. While I was gone, I was able to keep up reading some via proxy, but could not post, and had no desire to try to set up a sock-puppet. Just one mod can ban you for three days, while a permanent ban takes a vote. I think we have a Mod on a twisted crusade right now regardless. As I was discussing the issue with another mod, its getting like a baseball game with two different strike zones, or a basketball game where one end of the floor is loose, and the other tight. OB should be back in 72 hours, I think.
    22. tomfoo13ry
      Hahaha! Thanks flounder. He had it coming. I may get banned for it but if I do I'm taking him with me. LoL.
    23. Jollee
      Jim who?

    24. changed
    25. changed
      He isn't there
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