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February 11
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Jan 30, 2019
    1. The12thMan
      I gotta spread the wealth too. Great minds....
    2. janpor
      Hey Frogger, I found this really cool video about the Eurovision Song Contest. I'm sure you're going to enjoy it. It's really cool. This was broadcasted just before the points were awarded.

      Here is the link (so you can see it in a larger size).

      Let me know what you think about it!

      Note, that when the camera's are being brought in the different European houses, the old French lady at 4m40 - I think she's drunk! :)
    3. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
      HaHaHa, thanks my friend!
    4. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
      Hi Frogger,

      I saw this nice movie and I like personage of Ostap Bender.
      But you can call me Till Eulenspiegel, I like him too! :-)
    5. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
      Thanks Frogger, I missed ya'll too, all the time!
    6. White Doors
      White Doors
      Thanks Frogger. I look forward to reading your posts almost as much as my daily dose of Steyn.
    7. janpor
      Hey Frogger, thanks for the compliments... :)

      However, my avater refers to this: May 1968 in France,

      "May 1968, refers to a protest period in French history. In this period when the events occurred in France, the country saw the largest general strike that ever stopped the economy of an advanced industrial country, the first wildcat general strike in history, and a series of student occupation protests. The prolonged strike involved eleven million workers for two weeks in a row, and its impact was such that it almost caused the collapse of the government of President Charles de Gaulle. Such explosion was provoked by groups in revolt against modern consumer and technical society, embracing left-wing positions that were even more critical of Stalinist authoritarianism than of Western capitalism. The movement contrasted with the labor unions and the French Communist Party (Parti Communiste Français, PCF), which started to side with the de Gaulle government in the goal of containing the revolt.

      Many saw the events as an opportunity to shake up the "old society" and traditional morality, focusing especially on the education system and employment. It began as a long series of student strikes that broke out at a number of universities and lycées in Paris, following confrontations with university administrators and the police. The de Gaulle administration's attempts to quash those strikes by police action only inflamed the situation further, leading to street battles with the police in the Latin Quarter, followed by a general strike by students and strikes throughout France by eleven million French workers, roughly two-thirds of the French workforce. The protests reached such a point that de Gaulle created a military operations headquarters to deal with the unrest, dissolved the National Assembly and called for new parliamentary elections for 23 June 1968."

      May 1968 had a profound influence on Western Europe, my avatar is a satire. The silhouhet you see trying to cover the mouth of the youngman is General De Gaule (with his famous General's hat on). So my avatar means: be young and speak up.

      I also want to add that there is a lot of Ageism on PForum, mostly coming from older posters as in such "I've been around longer than you", "I've seen more summers, so...",...

      I think society needs to be shaked up again - that is why I chose to use the avatar...
      Check the wiki-link on May 1968, it's very intresting and it explains some of the major differences that excists today between the US and Europe.
    8. tresha
      :bye: Hey Frogger!
      Thank you for the message and the especially the prayers!
      I have actually been quite ill and missing this place like crazy; wishing like anything anything I could get back here sooner.
      I hope you've been doing well....:hug:
    9. ajunkyarddog
      I live in the Tampa bay area. I am a very short way from the beach! That's Indian Rocks beach in my profile picture. :)
    10. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
    11. Falena
      Frogger, It would be my absolute pleasure to call you friend.
    12. Eldedu
      Quite sure you've got enough degrees? Shame, it seemed like a great place.
    13. Addison48
      Lol I forgot also so no big deal.
    14. Eldedu
      How goes it you crusty, reactionary old amphibian you?

      I've been meaning to ask for a while...I was visiting a sibling at Dartmouth and I notice the motto was "Vox clamantis in deserto"

      I seem to remember there being a similar such saying in your signature...are you in any way related to the college?
    15. Frogger
      Froggette has windows 7. I bought her a new laptop at Christmas time. I had Vista on one of my laptops and had it changed to XP. I just hated the Vista format. Four of the five computers now have XP and one has Windows 7. I'm waiting to see how she likes it before I pick up a new laptop.
    16. changed
      5 computers....what in the world do you do with 5???? You need to tell froggette to get windows 7. Or are ya'll just blogging like crazy????? LOL

      WATCH out, she will hop outta no where and catch you not cleaning!!!!!
    17. changed
      Ok, I was in pretty good mood and like to joke around quite a bit. How are you today?
    18. changed
      Frogger, did I scare you off???? I am sorry. I was in a good mood and was playing with ya. I don't bite. And neither will Jake LOL.
    19. changed
      LMAO, Yes he has blonde hair, I have another one with blonde hair...but she has it a little darker. The other one his a red head! Look over to the left. That is Piper and Jake. That was two years ago when they were pups!
      OH.......My long hair? Thank you frogger! Your sweet!
    20. changed
      Yes, that is my hair....... Is that you in that bathtub?????? And thank you for not saying poor Jake has a bowl on his head! LOL
    21. Doc Dred
    22. kscott13
      Happy Easter Frogger!
    23. anita lied
      anita lied
      Thanks for the Nixon rep frogger.
    24. janpor
      Frogger... I just read the most bizarre thing...
      You listen to DJ Tiesto? How's that? I mean...there MUST be a story - right?
      I'm completely baffled by this! You probably are the greatest grandfather around!
    25. Surveybob
      sorry about the grammer
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    Long Island and Florida
    Retired educator
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    Vox clamanto in deserto.

    “There is no social entity with a good that undergoes some sacrifice for its own good. There are only individual people, different individual people, with their own individual lives. Using one of these people for the benefit of others, uses him and benefits the others. Nothing more.” Robert Nozick