May 12, 2009
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    1. Pollycy
      Everything I know about sailing ships comes from reading the Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin novels by Patrick O'Brian ("Master and Commander", and many others). I envy you your life on a sailboat, even though if I had to contend with all that, I would surely die! You are GREATLY missed here on the Forum. I will hope for your eventual return. Happy sailing!
      1. Iriemon
        I read the whole Aubrey/Maturin series about 25 years ago and I'm actually re-reading them now. Life afloat has improved a bit since those days! But still some of the same feelings. Be well, thanks for the comments. Iriemon
        May 11, 2020
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    2. Pollycy
      I miss your posts, Iriemon. You were always 'fact-based', and although we didn't agree on much very often, I learned a lot from you. Come on back. It's getting kind of 'vapid' around here....
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      2. Iriemon
        Hi Pollycy. I've moved onto a sailboat and have limited internet connection and limited time to hand around political boards. Besides, it was getting boring and I decided there are better things to do with my time. i always enjoyed discussions with you, though. Who knows, maybe some day I'll come back. Iriemon
        May 5, 2020
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    3. jrr777
      You: "Is it not a composite of photographs to create a hi resolution image just as NASA states? What is fake about what it says it is?"

      Look, I can take a lot of high resolution pictures, make a composite in many different shapes, flat, sphere, etc. Does that mean that the composite image in it's entirety is real? The individual images are real, but the shape in which they are contained, is that real as well?
    4. jrr777
      I posted it for you. Where you at now. Is you patience that of a child. I am at work.
    5. Birdzeye
      Hi! I came back after a long absence, and I'm wondering if that was wise. So much nastiness. How are you doing?
    6. Iriemon

      There was an actual surplus in 2000. RW propaganda tries to create a myth that there was no surplus (they can't stand that a tax increasing liberal Democrat was the only fiscally responsible president we've had :) ) arguing the debt went up slight in FY2000, but a surplus is not measured by debt (and in any case, the debt decreased $114 billion in 2000). Summarized here:
    7. Taxpayer

      I'm talking with someone in another thread and the issue of federal budget surpluses came up. My memory was that Clinton came very close (admirably close), but still had a deficit each year. That we had projected surpluses, but when we paid the bills we never crosses the line into surplus. When I went to confirm that I'm seeing numbers that suggest we did have a surplus around 2000.

      You follow these numbers more than I do, could you help me reconcile that memory. Am I just wrong in my memory or is there something more to those numbers that I'm missing?

    8. Iriemon
      Something like that. Lots of personal stuff going on too -- selling the house, kids graduating, getting married, buying a boat. Too many major things happening at once.
    9. justonemorevoice
      Lol. Need to yell at DAs?
    10. Iriemon
      Too damn busy! But I needed a fix. : )
    11. justonemorevoice
      Hey you! Where have you been?
    12. Iriemon
      Heh heh feeling a little fiesty today?
    13. justonemorevoice
      Ohhh im gonna get it for that one. Lol. The invasion thread.
    14. justonemorevoice
      I got yer back jack!
    15. justonemorevoice
      I was on a roll huh? I bet she misses my one liners she used to gripe about.
    16. Iriemon
      Haha nailed it! Sic 'em!
    17. Iriemon
      Let me check ....
    18. justonemorevoice
      Did you see my masterpieces in thread i got locked? :grin:
    19. Iriemon
      I saw the other fellow using the wet (*)(*)(*)(*)(*) avatar. : D What can I say? Free world. Plus he has it scaled a little differently.
    20. justonemorevoice
    21. justonemorevoice
      Someone else is using your avatar.
    22. flounder
      All clear fire away,,I been busy,,hahahahah
    23. Iriemon
      You got me. I'm surprised as much as you.

      It's bull(*)(*)(*)(*). Those were completely relevant and legitimate response to this bull(*)(*)(*)(*) "model for sustainability" than people move into shacks so the richest can get more tax breaks. Cutting those posts was way out of line by that mod.
    24. Ronald0
      How come you are still allowed to post on that thread. I have been barred from posting there for the crime of disagreeing with the OP. Some of the mods here are just crazy.
    25. Sadanie
      Good thinking! This kitty looks very much alive, and ready to take on the world! I like his attitude! LOL
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