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Jul 31, 2014
    1. tresha
      I saw over there that you'd lost your uncle---I'm sorry to hear that, what a crazy weekend for you.


      I'm back and forth.
      I am so glad her body can rest and that Alice and Katie and her mom and brother don't have to ----wait and wonder anymore.

      But I miss my friend and I still wish and I'm sure always will that I'd not let things end the way they had between us--:sniff:--

      I learned so much from her and even how things ended between us taught me lessons.

      I am still startled that there won't be any more messages from her---that there won't be a next generation of students for her to teach....

      I am grieving, but I am glad to know my friend has found the rest she has so well earned.
    2. tresha
      been waiting on you...how ya doing my fine fine friend?

    3. tresha
      thank ye!
      Once again proving I have way, way way too much time on my hands...
    4. tresha
    5. Makedde
      Have a good night, I will see you tomorrow or later on tonight.
    6. Makedde
      I checked the site and Grace is not up there yet. They must get a lot of tributes each week so I will have to be patient.

      It is Tuesday here, yes! We are always in the future here! :)
    7. Makedde
      As soon as the tribute is up I will show you. I will get my pictures on their first though. I think we are about 15 hours ahead of you guys. It is 1.28pm here now, it should be evening for you guys, I think.
    8. Makedde
      Hey there, I am doing well. It has been almost three days now, and it is getting easier. I wasn't a part of the candle ceremony as the times are mixed up. It is night over here and morning over there and vice versa, but I could do my own if I wanted to. The tribute isn't up yet but I check every day. The tributes for the past week are being 'worked on' according to the site, so perhaps later on today. I hope I can find it and figure out how to get the picture on the site!

      I dont know about the VM. Click on it, and go to the page of who sent it, then click 'unread posts' or 'political forum' and see if it disappears. If not, I will ask around and see if we cant fix it for you.
    9. katiegrrl0
      we are doing well. Del seems as well as can be expected for the moment. since there is no longer life support she is making it now on her own. i am hopeful that this is a good sign.
    10. Makedde
      I will enjoy what is left of the day, and you have a good night!
    11. Makedde
      I will see you tomorrow then! I'm about to go and get myself a pizza for tea.

      Try and refresh the page, that might work.
    12. Makedde
      I know! They like to prance around and wave their butts in our faces for some reason.
      Its always funny when they do, though.
    13. Makedde
      Lol, yes I'd be happy to let her hog the bed! I never minded, she would burrow down and stick her tail in the air, I'd try and push it down and tuck it beside her, and she'd bring it out again. Her bum would be in my face with this bloody fluffy tail and I'd keep pushing it down, and out it would come again!!!
    14. Makedde
      Your cats sound gorgeous! I love the markings they have on them, their markings is often how they get their names. Grace got her name because she's grey, lol! Her name was originally going to be Tilly (she was first my sisters cat and she wanted to name her after her fave horse at the pony club) but my mum objected and said 'lets just call her Grace' and that was that!

      I used to keep her inside all the time because I was afraid she'd be hit by a car. My first cat Kelli was still a kitten (6 months) when she was hit by a car and died. She was a black kitty with white paws, and very small because she was the runt, always sick, but God she was gorgeous!
      Grace lasted 12 years because I purposefully made her afraid of going outside. Thats how she survived so long. I also ended up making her afraid of mice and birds...lol she would try to stalk a bird but it was kinda obvious they could see this white blob crawling toward them, hehe.

      She also hated balloons and vacuum cleaners, dont ask me why, she hated loud noises, but I guess all cats do. And talk about fussy! I bought her all the expensive foods for her because I decided it was only the best for her...then when I left home my mum had to keep buying it because she wouldnt eat anything else.

      All cats have their own personalities, and Grace had hers, as your cats have theirs. They are like people in a way, and we miss them just like we've lost a family member.
    15. Makedde

      I like how the womans cat woke her each morning with 'an insistant purr' lol thats what Grace would do! But she wasn't hungry, she just wanted to climb in the bed with me and borrow down to keep warm! Then she'd hog the bed. I'd end up hanging on while she stretched out, but could I move her? Nooo, my baby always had the best spot, and she made it warm for me, too.
    16. Makedde
      You can see Gracie in my albums! I used to know when she was hungry, wanted to go outside, needed a hug. Cats do have different meows to tell you what they want. A loud meow meant she's hungry, a meow with a purr meant 'can I have a hug' which got louder when you ignored her, and her outside meow was a soft meow, then she'd turn and look toward the door. As soon as you got up, she'd race out the door and sit by the door until you opened it. :)

      I haven't seen the article yet, I'd love to see it if you can find it! I'd love to see some pics of your kitties too - do you have any?
    17. OneThunder
      Thanks, Jack. I appreciate the good wishes. I maintain that time will tell about our Sarah....
    18. Makedde
      Memories are the best things we have. I have many of them. Gracie used to come up to you and meow, and you'd ask her what she wanted, and she's just meow louder and louder. Then you'd pick her up and she'd really snuggle right into your neck and lick and purr and dig her claws in. All she wanted was a hug!

      You should put a tribute in, it's not too late! I haven't checked out the message board yet, I'm too busy checking everything else out! They have so much to offer!
    19. Makedde
      Your pets may still be there. I'd like to see their page if they have one, if not you could just add them again I guess.
    20. Makedde
      You can still have a special ceremony for him, though! They have a message board as well, the things that site offers is amazing. What a wonderful find!
    21. Makedde
      I will let you know. I am going send her photo into our local newspaper as well. They have a pet section, I want everyone to see her. I will use the photo of her in the garden. That is the one I sent to the site.
    22. Makedde
      It is always sad when our furry friends (or Furbabies, I so love that name) have to leave us. Especially when they have been with us most of our lives, it is truely like losing a member of the family.
    23. Makedde
      Her picture isnt up there yet, the owner is going to email with the details of how to put her up there. He updates the site every Monday so Gracie should be there sometime tomorrow.
    24. Makedde
      I put Gracie's info on the site and uploaded a photo. I will be on Monday night (or whatever time it is) for the ceremony. I will see what they do and maybe take part myself next time.
    25. Makedde
      I am looking at that site right now. It is lovely. Thank you for showing it to me.

      It rained last night and I couldnt sleep for thinking about my poor baby lying cold in the ground. :(
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