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Aug 16, 2008
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Aug 12, 2015
    1. HillBilly
      thought I'd reply in a pm .
    2. HillBilly
      well now , I did modify your statement , you had a triple negative question / statement , I only changed one word to clarify what I thought was your position , but it's considered polite to mention / ask permission to change a persons post . I didn't do that , and for that , I do apologise . . .however ... I still stand by my rebuttal .

      RevA has an education of Theology that I wish I had , and we are good friends , we sort of support eachother on the Religious threads , we about have to . . . a Christian may as well have a big target on his back here on PF . .

      a normal discussion of God & Faith & the Bible won't be found in a Humor / Satire forum . . . I avoid such obviously strawman threads because it's like feeding the trolls that gather there , and a person can get away with a lot of stuff on a humor thread . .it just rubs me the wrong way to see that happening. .
    3. HillBilly
      In looking over your vm , I did alter your quote , yes , however , I did so to clarify what I thought was your argument . . . minus the Bull(*)(*)(*)(*) . . .if I have altered your stance and post incorrectly , it was un-intentional . .

      however , I offer no apology , you started this fight , have stones enough to carry on .
    4. AshenLady
      Here comes the judge, here comes the judge, the court's in session so here comes the judge. lol
    5. Margot
      I am not sure how this works
    6. jaktober
    7. jaktober
      Thanks, I need to start a new "chip-in" to try to collect funds. Once we get the Green Party winning National Elections there'll be room for the Pirate Party to develop out here. I think they'd do great as a "libertarian-progressive" Party, probably focusing a lot on Open Source.
    8. jaktober
      How involved are you with the U.S. Pirate Party? I'm trying to start a "Grassroots for Progress" movement online, and after getting the Green Party up-to-speed, I want to work with the Pirate Party, perhaps as a "Libertarian-Progressive" Party, or even a "Party to End all Parties" as in, a party to end Party Status in general (and create an independent system). I know they are primarily a copyright reform Party, but Parties evolve with their membership.

      Check out my initial proposal effort (I need funds if you want to help):
    9. The Judge
      The Judge
      I registered fine a few years ago, so I doubt that it has anything to do with my email address and I doubt that the forum would allow me to create a new account as "The Judge", since that name is likely already reserved by me which appears to be "banned". This forum works for me, so no worries, and thanks for the info :)
    10. Liebe
      Judge I could not register with my free mail email address and since I had never posted before, and it told me my email was banned, I realised that there are some technical problems. In the end I used a different address and it worked.
    11. Liebe
      TJ just for your info, when I tried to register with my email on debatepolitics, it was rejected as banned/invalid. This cannot be the case as I have never been there before. This is probably a bug and not specific to you. Thought you may want to know as you seemed to think you had been banned.
    12. magnum
      Thanks for accepting my request!
    13. RevAnarchist
      Not everyone can see you are a wolf in a sheep's clothing. I can.
    14. MegadethFan
      Good work Judge. Its nice to see some intelligent individuals every so often.
    15. Tehran Tim
      Tehran Tim
      You sir, are a good poster. Keep up the good work.
    16. HillBilly
      Happy Easter Judge ..

    17. katiegrrl0
      may you and all your loved ones have a special and beautiful new year. hugzzzz
    18. HillBilly
    19. katiegrrl0
      thank you very much. it was kind of you to say.
    20. katiegrrl0
      thank you for the rep.
    21. highlander
      very much like your own submissions, I have a passion for the truth, and a passion for humanity!
    22. HillBilly
      well said my friend , well said.. : )
    23. katiegrrl0
      in the opinion on Israel thread you are an excellent poster. it is good discussing with someone open and non attacking.
    24. cassandrabandra
      you deserve a rep for starting this thread, but I wonder whether there will be any serious discussion
    25. HillBilly
      Judge , we are on the path to being good friends.. : )
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