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Jul 21, 2022
Feb 20, 2008
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Well-Known Member, from Occupied, Socialist People's Republic of Mexiforni

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Jul 21, 2022
    1. DevilMayhem666
      Oh (*)(*)(*)(*). I post this on the wrong profile.
    2. DevilMayhem666
      Isn't Rushton's theory contradicted by the even more cold-adapted humans Neanderthals?
    3. PatriotNews
      Iran will have the bomb...soon.
    4. PatriotNews
      Once again. Please stop. I have nothing more to say to you.
    5. Egalitarianjay02
      You weren't being courteous when you called me a crybaby, a sycophant, told me to grow up and shut up. You're having a Jekyll and Hyde episode here. One moment you're being civil and the next you're being disrespectful. If you were a reasonable person you would just explain your avatar. I'm just curious. I didn't intend to troll your thread. I'm not so upset that I need to put you on ignore or contact a moderator to censor you I just asked you a simple question. If you don't want to answer then fine you don't have to. But you don't need to be so dramatic about it.
    6. Egalitarianjay02
      You've got some serious issues and need to take a good look in the mirror to recognize what type of person you are turning in to because while I don't know you what you are projecting makes me think you are a sad, sick individual.
    7. Egalitarianjay02
      You're the one whining like a little wimp. I asked you a simple question and you came to my visitor page talking all this melodramatic crap about how inappropriate it was to ask you that in your thread and how you were going to block me and how I need to grow up. Here's a word of advice: If you don't want people to question your provocative behavior (e.g. putting smut in your avatar) then don't behave that way. There's nothing wrong with me questioning your decision to choose that avatar. Go ahead and ask me about my avatar. I guarantee you I won't whine and complain about it because I'm a real man and I'm not ashamed of how I express myself. You conservatives really are pathetic. You have a sick, immature and demented perception of politics. Your profile pic is downright perverted. Is that supposed to be funny?
    8. Egalitarianjay02
      You're the one who needs to grow up. That avatar indicates that you are very immature and prone to believe the most pathetic smear attacks about Obama imaginable which also suggests that you are incapable of thinking critically about his job as President.
    9. Egalitarianjay02
      I asked the question because it's hard to take you seriously when your avatar is a nude pic allegedly of Obama's mother. Your avatar itself is trolling. The video explains the absurdity of this smear attack on Obama by Republicans. That's obviously not Obama's mother and using that avatar makes it look like you support the most ridiculous smears against the President.
    10. Pregnar Kraps
      Pregnar Kraps
    11. Pregnar Kraps
      Pregnar Kraps
    12. BitterPill
    13. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
      How are you?
    14. Trinnity
      Are you online?
    15. Mad Conservative
      Mad Conservative
      Dont be offended but every time I look at your AV - I laugh. Sorry but it just cracks me up!
    16. MasTequila
      Sorry, Work gets completely crazy in my industry (Liquor and Wine Sales) starting end of August through Jan 1. Next year should be fun, hopefully we get rid of the problem.
    17. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
      Hi Patriot, sorry, I've forgotten the matter of your question, please remember me.Thanks.
      thanks amigo, all the best.
    19. its about Liberty
      its about Liberty
      thank you sir, I am sure it will be a blow out Republican win 2012!!!
    20. flounder
    21. Shanty

      Yeah... I have had Bill T. Cat as my avatar off and on for ten years.

      Happy New Year to you!
    22. catalinacat
      Merry Christmas to you patriot! How your's was great.
    23. Grokmaster
      And may God bless you and yours, and bring you a joyful and prosperous New Year !!
    24. theunbubba
      Merry Christmas to you too!
    25. flounder
      Thanks,,same to you Patriot. Cant wait for our super dupper up grade,,,HAHAHAH
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    Bill Clinton is a rapist & Danney Williams is his illegitimate son. Hillary Clinton is a criminal who cannot be trusted with the presidency.
    The Clintons’ pay-for-play scandal sets “an extremely dangerous precedent. This is about more than the Clintons, if it is not dealt with in a legal manner, it’s going to be imitated.” Peter Schweizer
    "Isis will hand Hillary Clinton the most valuable player award. Her only competition is Barack Obama" Donald Trump​