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Deploraville Real America
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Apr 7, 2024 at 10:50 PM
    1. Trinnity
      I like your "happies". Thanks for posting them.
    2. Trinnity
      Just saying hello! Looks like we have some friends in common.
    3. PatriotNews
      Merry Christmas
    4. Jollee
      Liberals live their lives in fear, clinging to their bongs, welfare checks and JFK photos singing Kumbaya and dreaming of rainbows.
    5. Jollee
      Funny about me comments.... LOL, I liked them.... Jollee
    6. changed
      Excellent posts Unbubba!!! I really enjoy reading your comments. Your very witty and funny and makes reading them more enjoyable.
    7. Rebellion
      Sorry but I can't read the link, can you elaborate?
    8. Ronin Tetsuro
      Ronin Tetsuro
      That was unnecessary, but duly noted.
    9. Ronin Tetsuro
      Ronin Tetsuro
      Further proof you don't read my posts. I suspect you see my name and immediately begin formulating your response. I have been nothing but fair and apologetic when I am wrong or corrected.
    10. Ronin Tetsuro
      Ronin Tetsuro
      I appreciate that you have found me fit to receive your witty personal insults, but I assure you it's not winning you any points. I would be wildly surprised and impressed if you ever decided to take my stances on, instead. I wonder why you haven't?

      I do have some theories.
    11. Metrophobe
      Alright mate. Your infraction has been reversed.
    12. Metrophobe
      No problem. I hope it was helpful.
    13. Metrophobe
      "Actually I never said that it failed. Liar. Typical of a leftist scammer.
      And that's where you're wrong. He ditched the gas business to become a Home Buildor. He became the President of the local HBA.
      You've been wrong since the day you were born.
      Go troll on another forum. It won't work here."

      I've highlighted the stuff that is over the line. You can always read the rules of the forum as well as the moderating standards announcement and see how comments like that aren't going to fly. Looking at that post now, you probably should have been infracted, but we're trying to stop playing baby referee.

      What I meant when I said you lose your time is just that the time you spent writing a post that gets deleted is gone for good. People sometimes spend a lot of time on a post only to include a bunch of personal attacks or trolling. Sometimes I think it's worse to lose the whole post and your time than it is to get an infraction.

      I assure you we deal with just about everything that gets reported. If you have been called a Nazi and the post still stands, please report it or PM me and I will deal with it. The only reason that post could possibly still exist is because mods have not seen it.

      I hope this was helpful.

    14. OneThunder
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    Keeping America Moving.
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    Democrats haven't been this upset since the Republicans took away their slaves..
    Know your enemy, Read "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky.
    "white privilege" is the elitist liberal priesthood's term for original sin for white people