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Jul 26, 2021
Nov 29, 2013
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Jul 26, 2021
    1. Matthewthf
      Is Spooky banned?
    2. Moi621
      Spooky LIVES!
      The Truth Will Make You Free!
      Whose "truth"? Spooky knows!
    3. Moi621
      Are back?
      Please see upload here dated, July 8, 2019.
      Still holds true.
      Please stop getting u'r'self banned.
      The Board gets so much more "boaring"
    4. Moi621
      Bad Spooky, bad!
      Got banned again.
      After a promise to do better. :-(
    5. Moi621
      My uploads of missing Spooky keep vanishing.
      Why I do not know. No notification, just gone. Twice
      Yes! I miss Spooky uploads too.
      1. PatriotNews likes this.
      2. cerberus
        I'm sorry to say that I think she was so put out by the ban she's found another forum, and that forum's gain is PF's loss. I did that myself when I was banned, and it's only that there are some really nice - and certainly intelligent - members that I came back. I really miss Spooky too. Hope you don't mind my poking in. It really was strange when the thread was deleted, really strange!
        May 15, 2019
        ArmySoldier, Moi621 and Blaster3 like this.
      3. ArmySoldier
        Is Spooky perm banned??? I hope not
        May 16, 2019
        PatriotNews, Moi621 and cerberus like this.
    6. Sahba*
      I miss U Spooky!
    7. Sahba*
      Hi Spooky, I / (i think 'we') have been missing the 'Spooky posts'... I hope you are well & 'shining in the Light'! God bless, luv S.
      1. ArmySoldier likes this.
    8. Blaster3
      didn't see it, don't care, but if the outburst came in the 'collar' thread i can't blame you, as they were ganging up & seemingly goading you. don't worry about it, it's normal human interaction and expected under the circumstances, i doubt anyone was truly offended but the mods gotta uphold the law.
    9. justonemorevoice
      Before your time here, my mermaid was topless for a time....then some whiny prudes complained
    10. Crawdadr
      I do know many of them but empathy, compassion, and charity are important and you are not showing any of that. Do unto others is the greatest commandment of all and that is more than the physical manifestation of harm. To be frank we should be better than that. Spooky approach the world through the concept of brotherly love in all your endeavors and writings. In that way whatever you do is prothletising for the Lord.

      But anyway I am not your Priest or mother just a concerned brother that would like to bring some civility to this forums discussions. To often believers here are ridiculed because of our beliefs and I would like to avoid us giving folks more ammunition.
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