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Aug 9, 2008
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July 2
In my apt
currently disabled

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Aug 12, 2014
    1. Chesby05
      Awwww nice photos! And I love your `do. I always wanted a mohawk! When I had short hair I used to wear it standing up on end, so cool. Now Poppy has my old `do! Lol. Gorgeous kiddies too. **hugs**
    2. i.beletesri
      No history whatsoever. (that's the point)
      all my infractions from other mods.
      All requests addressed as 'abuse' complaints answered by Other Mods.
      All complaints addresed to ALL the mods, addressed by OTHER mods if at all. Usually not.
      Guys like raytri and Java watch as hell burns; they're busy posting. They wait for one of the worker bees to come on duty.

      Of the current 10 mods, I'd say ABNS does 70% of the work.
    3. tresha
      Well, thank you for your "concern" in contacting me regarding a matter I needed help with 6 days ago.
      Not really sure how it has anything to do with you, but Java actually responded to my request quite promptly, via PM.
      But, thanks?
      In fact, ABNS, Metro, Volvo, Chesby and Venom have all responded pretty quickly when I asked something.
      Seems like an underhanded way to take a swipe at a Mod~~there wouldn't perchance be some history between the two of you would there?
    4. i.beletesri
      re your Vis msg to JavaBlack:

      JavaBlack does no "moderating" I can see.
      Lotsa, Lotsa, posting though.

      Your best shot is ABoyNamedSue for any action at all, then Metrophobe, followed distantly by VolvoDriver.

      After that ....

    5. Inferno
      Well I wanted to make sure I got his attention.
    6. Inferno
      I thought you were under attack and i was just checking. Spanky is usually pretty good. He and I rarely agree. i just was looking out for you. The statement could have been very nasty.
    7. ObamaSuperStar
      LOL sleep is for the weak :) afternoon to you mam :)
    8. jedimiller
      hello beautiful, how are things in your side of the world?
    9. ObamaSuperStar
      HEHEHE i have to leave oil dude alone i got a warning for letting him have it a bit to much :) im so glad things are working out for you guys, all that matters is that you and your girlfriend are happy and the kids are adapting well! Now bring on the pics of the pooch!
    10. ObamaSuperStar
      You truly have a beautiful family, you have every right to be proud!
    11. ObamaSuperStar
      LOL no mccain here, that's Bushes face on McCains head hehehehe check out the hair line :)
    12. rsay32
      Not gonna be on for a couple weeks. I am moving back to the states and my computer ships today.
    13. SpankyTheWhale
      What happens when you try to set one up? The process was very easy and friendly for me.
    14. Inferno
      Yes i saw that they were tied 17 17. Sorry that you have the added disappointment of there lose.
    15. Inferno
      Yes it has been very nice we all watched the debate together. They have posted a couple of things under my name yesterday. They were giving me comments to put in. It has been a great time. I will be leaving for NY for OCT 1 that is my 37th anniversary. We are going back to the place we first had dinner together. That was also where we commited to each other. We will be back on the 3rd. I think Guru hits at 3170. That's what someone said. I'm excited. How are you doing?
    16. Shiva_TD
      Argh...... you're very funny. LOL
    17. Chesby05
      Hey hun. To be honest I really don't know - have you had any success yet? I had a look at the posts waiting to be moderated but I couldn't find the album in there so I'm a bit at a loss...
    18. africanhope
      My turn, meet me in the LGBT room. PLEASE!

    19. Perham
      I think the de-demonizing worked and pic is up! :D
    20. Perham
      when I click there, the sign in page of hotmail opens to me. if it's an attachment to a mail, try downloading it, then reupload it somewhere and post the link here. or you can forward it to my mail and I'll do the things for you. ;)
    21. ObamaSuperStar
      Thanks for the welcome message :D I dont mind a little silliness in my life :D
    22. JonathanBlu
      I certainly enjoy your posts, keep em coming!
    23. Inferno
      I an happy your GF is on board.
    24. Metrophobe
      I think it's like 5 or 7. I've never gotten a final answer... I'll go do some validating.
    25. catzmeow
      I lurve your avatar. It ALWAYS makes me laugh.
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    July 2
    In my apt
    currently disabled
    Marital Status:
    Once again single. GF broke up with m in March....and yeah, I'm (cheesy as this sounds) heart broken.
    Real Name:
    two wonderful dogs
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    us texas
    Texan, 3coughcough9 (39), open lesbian, primarily democrat.

    politics, reading, movies, playing poker, some tv shows, web-surfing


    The will of God will never take me, where the grace of God cannot keep me.

    Yay! Once again accepting PMs!!! {some restrictions apply. Please see fine print for additional details. Supplies may be limited....} :smoking:

    (Please to note: yes, yes I do know that "the" & "they" are in fact different words. Apparently my tablet exercises a mind of it's own at times. Just roll with it please.):wall: