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Mar 27, 2024
    1. stjames1_53
      There are a few in here that do tell the truth. For some, it is inconceivable that truth is truth. and that's damned inconvenient for them because it doesn't fit their thinking, what little of it they actually do.Thanks.............
    2. BestViewedWithCable
      I noticed your in a a debate with think for myself about how someone might have their sexual identity altered after birth.

      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_trauma_syndrome gerry sanduskys rape victims question their sexual identity after being raped by a gay man. look specifically under "LIFESTYLE"
    3. Whaler17
      I am not interested in your dishonest ignorant opinions. Bubye now.
    4. Veni-Vidi-Feces
      Since you NEVER SHOWED where I misrepresented your quotes, I can only assume you can't remember from one post to the next what you had typed. I send you the messages cause I don't feel anyone else needs to read through this petty nonsense you brought up.
    5. Veni-Vidi-Feces
      DUDE ... when you quote something MEANS that the source said more than what was quoted. Im done.
    6. Veni-Vidi-Feces
      Nope I represented your statements just fine, in fact I included "..." which acknowledges you said more than what I quoted.
    7. Mrlittlelawyer
      Hey! Good to see someone else fighting for the right to life!
    8. Trinnity
      I've been noticing your posts for some time now. Excellent !!!
    9. Makedde
      Noo...I am not that cute, hahaha! There is a real pic of me in the Members Pic Thread (in the intro forum) if your interested. :)
    10. tinman
      I cheer when I read your posts :)

      Keep it up!
    11. Sibboleth
      Keep fightin' them clowns. You're doing a fine job.
    12. Sibboleth
      Thanks for the rep. Sooner or later they'll realize that I know what I'm talking about, and solely because I paralegal-ed for a National Right to Life attorney. LOL. I was always doing research for her.
    13. katiegrrl0
      a mind change would require a lobotomy i think. i just wanted to let you know that even though some unkind things can be stated in debate it doesn't mean that someones opinions and expression of them is not excellent. you do a find job at defending your points. hugzzzz
    14. katiegrrl0
      though we rarely agree i though i would tell you that you debate your points very well. we just don't agree. that doesn't mean that you don't deserve to know that you have earned my respect in the defense of your points. hugzzzz Katie
    15. changed
    16. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Happy New Year to you and yours!

    17. flounder
      Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Not!
    18. flounder
      I'm not driving, I'll have two...........HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAH
    19. flounder
    20. farra
      Hi Whaler

      Thanks for my rep point! I appreciate it and your posts on that topic as well. For all the heated argument am gratified people still argue teen sex and pregnancy or unwanted pregnancy and abortion - when they stop thinking it is an issue, then I will be worried.
    21. mertex
      Why? How many times have you reported me? I'm not as sensitive as some people.
    22. Whaler17
      I have to agree. She seems VERY angry for some reason.
    23. Leesha
      Seems to me that katie is just saying (*)(*)(*)(*) to troll the abortion threads. The way she says it it's very trollish
    24. Martel
      Dude, you are my hero today. Watching you bounce heads in the Miss California thread was so funny I'd pay money.
    25. TheBasicsAbout
      A couple people and I are going to try to start a politically active group.

      We really need to figure out how to make this happen.

      I really believe we can take over the screwed up politics and make it for the people again - NO JOKE!!

      I have a quit forum at http://www.SlantedFacts.com

      Mostly spammers who barely post on there

      Pop in join and lets all get together and make a game plan to get things working!
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    "In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice, there is. " - Not sure who

    "For those who don't know the difference, under capitalism the government works for you, under socialism/communism, YOU work for the government!" - Me:icon_jawdrop:

    "When the Electorate realizes they can vote themselves money from the Treasury, it will herald the end of the Republic." - Benjamin Franklin