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Jan 3, 2015
    1. catalinacat
      LOL - that water hole would impede the ball I imagine - yeah, hot here. Last Friday it got up to 108Go swimming babe, that's what I do.

      Glad you like my avatar - ;-)
    2. catalinacat
      I do agree with you - dangerous - hope you are doing well!
    3. changed
      I am doing great! Been traveling, having fun living life to the fullest. My back is still screwed up but, wth....I am tired of sitting on my ass watching life pass me by. I have always been adventurous and I guess if I hurt myself, well then I will stuck in bed. THEN I will be forced to blog. LMFAO
    4. HillBilly
      Flounder , with regards to the seeds I sent , old buddy , they are 100 % non-invasive , that means they won't take over and run wild as is the habit of perenial wild vines , like the ones around your foundation , which were most likely some sort of wild ivy inclusive to your area , perhaps even Boston Ivy , LOL .... ( got ya a goood 'un there , didn't I , lol , know how u yanks feel about them , lol :-) )

      seriously , it's a beautiful plant , you'll be glad you planted it , soak the seeds in chlorine-free water overnight , and plant them tomorrow at Noon.

      I've got seeds soaking now as well , and we'll plant them at the same time tomorrow , together .
      see more in a pm .
    5. HillBilly
      wow , PF must still be screwed , because I sent a vm that was there one minute , but for some reason wound up being lost an hour or so later . WTF is happening here ?

      Your almost a Mod , what can you tell me about this ?
    6. HillBilly

      well George , it won't hurt you to go a little 'Green' ,,, ya know ? sheesh . .:dohtwo: . this ain't kudzoo , ya know ? [IMG]. that sheessshhh . . . these are somewhat rare ornamental vines , old buddy , would I send you something that wouldn't do well ?

      The purple beans are a striking contrast to the green foliage and abundant large scarlet flowers , which is the main draw of this vine . . . if ya don't like the beans , just hide them behind a few of the large green leaves as they grow up the trelliss you've strung outside where you hang your C-Mas lights . . .
    7. changed
      Not even myself
    8. changed
      Help, are you here? I can't find anyone.
    9. HillBilly
      "So what do you think about those states pulling away from Obama care and not accepting money from the feds? This could be a cool battle, I think this should go all the way to civil disobedience. They are after the middle class, class war fare all the way...

      I think the GOP Govenors are doing a bit of grandstanding myself , basking in the brief glow of being a GOP VP wanna-be and hopeful ,enjoying the free press and kissing a few babies , , and anything they say now they can always back-track on later , , lol , , wouldn't be the first time a politician has flip-flopped when the odds suddenly change . . . just saying , just saying . .
    10. HillBilly
      :shocked: man , it's hot . . .it set an all time high recently in Atlanta , Georgia , almost 10 days ago , I believe , anyway , when it's hot enough to be setting heat records in Atlanta , by Golly it's HOT . . . y'all been in the high 90's for days now & setting record highs yourself , as it's being reported on the news . . to be in Atlanta when it's already August hot and humid with afternoon T-storms hitting all that black asphalt that has baked scorching hot all day , it's like walking through an aquarium .

      how is it to be in 'Flounderville ' right now ? man , that was really tragic about that boating accident in your area over the July 4th fireworks , what was the skinny on that ?
    11. HillBilly
      Hey , I see your on-line , whew , I had to come inside myself a while ago , too dang hot & muggy outside to do much , 95* in the shade ... sheesh..

      been working on a dang weed-eater , lil lady broke the starter cord ... crap ...
    12. HillBilly
      well , it's like this , at the time I mailed the letter , this past Friday week , the same day & same trip to Best Buy where I took my PC to . . they shipped it to a Samsung rep for repair . it went out Saturday mornings mail . . don't know when the tech recieved it , but he replaced the power function / on-off button , cleaned everything , did a factory driver & systems update , and shipped it out in the evening mail Monday back to Best Buy , the 4th was Wed. ( don't know if they worked or not , prolly didn't , big overtime / holiday pay on the 4th July ) , , they got it Friday , I got it Friday , today is Saturday . .

      wow , I never figured to get my pc back in 7 days , lol , I predicted 12 days on the inside , 21 on the outside , but never did I imagine a 7 day repair & turn-around . . man , that's great service .

      thank you for forwarding my request to RevA , have you heard back from him ?

      perchance , have you had the time to connect with Old Timer ?
    13. HillBilly
      well , I think a lot of people are starting to wonder if ObamaCare might be preferable to RomnieCare , certainly La Gov Jindal seems to think so , , , having coined the new catch-phrase of the day , if not the election , with his utterance "ObomNeeCare" [video=youtube;-r-2vcbecMY]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-r-2vcbecMY[/video] , LOL . .

      say , don't this guy have a job in Louisana he should be doing ? be intresting to see if the La tax-payers are footing the tab for this little tour of Ohio . . . OHIO ? WTF ? :shocked:
    14. HillBilly
      hey , had to go put the finishing touches on a great hot dog supper , lol , all beef dogs plumped in the oven & Friday fries ,,, spared no expense . lol . . back now though :-)

      well , it'd be great to talk to you again , I called you the day I wrote the letter & left a brief message , you was prolly out on the links . :phonecall: ..

      I'll send you a pm ( that is , if your box isn't full )

      I'd be for getting those seeds in the ground , ask Mauri how hers are doing , I sent her some seeds back in May .
    15. HillBilly
      hey buddy , yep , I got it back today , popped on for a bit , then had to do a new virus update , sheesh .. but am back now.
    16. Falena

      I thought things started to look up when you retire.
    17. Falena
      Get out! You're a natural.

      A regular Henny Youngman.
      "Doctor, my leg hurts. What can I do?" The doctor says, "Limp!"
    18. Falena
      THAT...made me laugh out loud!
    19. Falena
      How long would it take to melt a block of ice if someone sat on it and would their ass be frost bitten by that time? Just in case I get a ride in the cash cab, I wanna be prepared if he asks me that question. lmao
    20. HillBilly
      Are you online ? shoot , missed ya again :- ( .. oh well , my pc went nuts, hope it's fixed , wouldn't stay on longer than a few minutes , hope it's fixed , had to do a systems recovery re-boot from the Samsung purchase re-boot disc . whew ,.. sheesh , bye . klate r , dan
    21. Rapunzel
      Gosh flounder I miss you...haven't been on in days....posting elsewhere, sorry to say. Actually just the past few couple weeks have been in the 70's....have been in the 80's and 80's+ all year, finally starting to get in the groove. You know when you just feel it, you know when it's going to be good, you know when it's going in the hole. I have been putting the lights out, that is why I have had such low scores. Getting birdies and pars in from sometimes 40 ft....LOL
    22. HillBilly
      165 lbs , wow , you've lost about 20 pounds since this time last year , way to go old buddy . I've lost down to 221 myself .

      yep , golf is great exercise , just swatting the wiffle balls around the house has helped me limber up quite a bit .

      not been to the driving range last few days , been rather rainy , heck , y'all be getting it tomorrow ...

      As good as y'all are , I bet you and the lad would make a great father-son team in any tournament you enter , yep .
    23. HillBilly
      sounds like you had a good Fathers Day , calm day I hope , or did ya let him get by with an afternoon tee again ? LOL .

      well , the girls didn't get to come in , but they all called .

      it was a good day though , just laid around & watched baseball games , bbqd chicken in the evening , set out some flowers , pulled a few weeds out of the flower bed . just another day in many ways , as we call eachother quite often . :phonecall:

      Laura starts her new summer job this week . :grin:
    24. HillBilly
      Happy Pappys Day , you old coot ... [IMG] . your pm box is full :wtf:

      Birdies & Bragging rights old buddy .
    25. Rapunzel
      your box is full flounder...where are you and what are you doing??? Playing golf???
      I had a 79 today, how about you?
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